Risks and Side Effects of Penis Pump

When it comes to increasing penis size, girth or even alleviating some perceived defects, penis pumps are one of the most effective and safe methods available. Side effects are generally rare and minor. Proper use can decrease the risk of these substantially. For most men using a pump has little-to-no negative side effects and frequent, proper use, can show almost immediate results. Despite this, before deciding whether to use a penis pump there are a few potential side effects that should be considered. 

Who could be at risk from using a penis pump?

People who take blood-thinning medications such as warfarin or clopidogrel, and even some over the counter pain relief drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin can be at risk of bleeding from pump use. Sufferers of sickle cell anemia or other blood disorders may also face increased risk of bleeding, or may be susceptible to blood clots. Because of this it is recommended to speak to a medical professional about your health conditions and any medication you take before using a penis pump. 

Possible side effects

For most people who use penis pumps, side effects are few or none. Using the penis pump correctly will reduce the risks of side effects dramatically. Possible side effects can include:


This is usually due to lowered blood circulation due to the penis pump. This can also involve the penis looking bluish in colour or feeling cold. If you notice this occurring then halt penis pump use immediately. If the sensation lasts then consult a medical professional. This may occur when the cylinder ring is in place and could suggest that the ring is too small or that pump has been over used.

Pain or bruising

This can form around the penis during pump use and is usually a result of other use of the pump. Users should always stick to instructions when it comes to length of usage in order to minimise any potential damaging of the penis and to maximise its efficiency. 


If you notice visible pinpoint-sized red dots, called petechiae, then this is caused by bleeding under the surface of the penis. This is a possible side effect of overuse of the pump, or could be caused by a sensitive blood condition, like those outlined above. 

Decrease in the force of ejaculation

Sometimes use of the penis pump and erection ring can cause a decrease in the force of ejaculation or create a feeling of trapped semen. This will generally pass when the ring is removed and should not interfere with pleasure of an orgasm. 

In summary

Manual or automatic pumps are one the safer methods of body enhancement available. By using the pump correctly, side effects are generally rare and not serious. If you are unsure whether any medication you take could affect penis pump use, or are worried about any side effects, then consult a medical professional or our email support service.

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