COVID-19: Men Likely To Develop Erectile Dysfunction

A urologist has encouraged men to get vaccinated as those affected with COVID-19 are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Dr Igbokwe Martin, a consultant urologist and Kidney Surgeon, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, identified COVID-19 as a major threat to sexual function in men.

“COVID-19 is the virus that affects different parts of the body.

“The most destructive effect of the virus is the airways which affects breathing and oxygen saturation.

“This is what leads to the death and mortality that come with COVID,” he said.

Martin said in urology, it was discovered that coronavirus has effect in the male genital system, including erectile dysfunction.

“It has shown that men who contracted COVID-19 infection, especially the active part of it, have the highest instance of erectile dysfunction.

“So, COVID-19 affects the body generally and part of what it does is also affecting the blood vessels that are necessary to make the penis turgid.

“Men with COVID-19 can also develop low sperm count and swollen testes. Their balls can swell up, although this is not only associated with COVID but with other viral infections.

“In UK, some patients have come with swollen testicle and when they go for test, it was discovered that they are COVID-19 positive.

“So, it means that this virus has the predilection to cause inflammation and infection of the testes which is also known as orchitis.”

“But the good news is that after the men are cured of the disease, a lot of them regain their sexual function, so I encourage everyone to get vaccinated” he said.

He said that COVID-19 can also lead to kidney failure and infertility in men.

According to him, during COVID-19 era, when someone comes suddenly with kidney failure, not producing urine, requires dialysis, the person will test for COVID, usually it will come with fever, cough, among others.

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