The Shocking Truth Behind Butt Augmentation

how to get a bigger butt without surgery

With the rising emphasis on shapely bodies, butt augmentation seems to be the social norm. This appears to be the byproduct of celebrities promoting unnatural fuller looking butts. Butt Injections are the most demanded surgical procedure in Plastic Surgery Offices around the world. Even though it may be a common procedure, are Butt Injections actually safe?
The Brazillian Butt Lift is the only FDA-approved procedure. This involves liposuction to take fat from elsewhere in the body and move it to the butt.

Butt injections are the cheap alternative to surgical procedures, hence making them the more appealing option. Butt injections are a medical procedure in which foreign substances are injected into the butt to make it more substantial. This procedure is said to be unsafe and cause fatal side effects. The fillers can, after time, travel the body leading to granuloma lumps. Granulomas are masses of tissue, typically produced by infection, inflammation or the presence of a foreign substance (such as silicone). Not only are these Granulomas unsightly, but they are also critical to your body’s health.

In an unfortunately large number of cases, inexperienced doctors have accidentally injected the butt fillers directly into the bloodstream. This filler can then travel straight to the lungs and heart, causing major health cases. The side effects include; Infection, disfigurement, scarring, stroke and even death on occasion.
No matter how invincible you feel, you cannot escape this harsh truth. None of the symptoms mentioned above is irreversible without surgical damage. If you do wish to get butt injections, we suggest you check your surgeon is board-certified. Run background checks and do not be afraid to ask for their surgical history. Talking to former patients is also highly recommended. This may sound like more work, but it is worth the effort in what could be a life or death situation. “Death cannot be fixed”.

The truth behind surgical butt injections may be disappointing, but it is not the only method of butt augmentation. The medical professionals at have designed a non-surgical, pain-free and safe way of increasing the size and firmness of your butt. The best part is that you can do it from home! It is recommended to simply lay down on your bed during the whole process!

Booty Beauty Butt Cups photo
Booty Beauty Buttock Enlargement System

The Booty Beauty Enhancement System sold at is used as an exerciser to increase the firmness and size of the butt. It also works to smooth out cellulite. How does it work? The system creates a vacuum which increases the size and firmness of the buttock. The traction in the butt tissue (caused by the pump) is what makes the buttock swell. This allows the gluteus maximus muscle to become larger, ensuring that your buttocks remain firm. The Booty Beauty System is very simple to use and can provide longer lasting results in comparison to creams and pills that promise a larger butt.

Please visit for more information on this product.

While I do believe everyone has an important right to feel confident in their own body, I still think it is essential to avoid anything that may be potentially harmful, such as the butt injections mentioned earlier. That is why I feel confident in writing about the Booty Beauty System. It is completely safe and offers immediate results.

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