Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

There is a medical revolution that is going to conquer the worlds most dreaded diseases, including cancer. It starts with the process our body uses to form blood vessels, this is known as Angiogenesis. These blood vessels are vessels of life, and unfortunately, death.

Our body can regulate how much blood is in the body at any given time. However, due to diseases and imperfection, there are defects in this system. When Angiogenesis is out of balance, an array of life-threatening diseases can occur. Diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer all look very different on the surface. But they all share the same common denominator; Angiogenesis. If we can find a way to control Angiogenesis, we can control the disease.

Cancer starts as a microscopic cell, it is completely non-lethal at this size and cannot grow any larger by itself. Many of us already have microscopic cancer cells living in our body, yet we do not face a life-threatening illness. Why is it that some of have Cancer, without the disease? These microscopic cancer cells need a blood supply to grow. Once blood invades the cancer cell it grows from harmless to harmful.

Angiogenesis is the tipping point between a harmless cancer cell and one that is deadly. What does this mean for us? If we can inhibit Angiogenesis, the excess supply of blood, we can cut off cancer before it even begins.

Anti-angiogenetic therapy will help healthy people as well as those who have already beaten cancer and are looking for a way to prevent it from coming back. Not all of us have the luxury and the money to pursue these treatments, but we all can have a share in using the natural Angiogenesis inhibitors supplied in nature. By following an Anti-angiogenetic diet, we can eliminate cancer. However, this diet differs from most. Instead of stripping the food we love away from us, we will be adding more food to our diet. How so?

Many foods contain natural Angiogenesis inhibitors, all of which contain different levels of potency when it comes to preventing cancer. A study taken on 79,000 men for over 20 years shows the following; men who consume 2-3 portions of cooked tomatoes per week have a reduced risk for developing cancer by 40-50%. Also, those who did develop cancer had fewer blood vessels feeding the cancer, making it much easier to control and treat. Here is a list of foods that include natural Angiogenesis inhibitors.

By including these foods in our diet, we can regulate healthy set points for Angiogenesis. Every meal we eat is an opportunity to treat our body for cancer. With that in mind, the answer to our question is Yes. We can eat to starve cancer.

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