PelvicToner FAQs

PelvicToner FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Can I use the PelvicToner with a IUD fitted?

A:You should have no problem using the PelvicToner with an IUD fitted. The PelvicToner is inserted into the vagina to a maximum of 100mm, so it should not enter the uterus, where your Intrauterine Device (IUD) is positioned

Please note that we are not in a position to make any recommendation concerning your particular situation; if you have any doubt that the PelvicToner is appropriate for you, we recommend that you discuss it with your doctor, or other appropriate healthcare professional, before using it.

Q:I can’t close my PelvicToner, what’s wrong?

A:There are 2 standard springs in the pack, which sometimes get completely entangled and look like one single spring. When this “double spring” is inserted, the device won’t close properly.  It is most likely that this is what has happened in your case.

It is a simple to remedy. If you remove the “double spring” from your PelvicToner, you should be able to pull the two single springs apart easily and insert one of them on its own. The device should then close easily.

Q:How do I use the different springs to change how hard I have to squeeze?

A:To change the amount of resistance that you squeeze again, simple change the spring that you use as follows:


*Slot 1 is nearer the hinge, slot 2 is nearer the tip

Q:What if I can’t squeeze the PelvicToner closed?

A:First, check that you are using it correctly – go over the instructions carefully and, in particular, check that you are using it so that it opens up and down (not side to side). You may not be able to squeeze the toner fully closed straight away, but as long as you can feel some closing movement if you hold the handle lightly, you are using the correct muscles.

Q:Should I worry about soreness?

A:The PelvicToner may produce some soreness or a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but no more than exercising any other body part.

If it hurts stop and allow the muscles to recuperate, before trying again. It will help enormously if you are relaxed and well lubricated before you begin.

If soreness persists stop exercising and consult your doctor.

Q:How do I clean my PelvicToner?

A:Hand wash with soap and water before and after use, or use your dishwasher. Wash springs in warm water, but do not soak. NEVER use any form of bleach.

Q:What happens if I stop my pelvic floor exercises?

A:If you do not exercise your pelvic floor muscles regularly, they will lose strength and tone and you risk being back where you started. We recommend that you continue to exercise regularly.

Q:What allergy information do you have on the PelvicToner

A:For your extra protection the PelvicToner is made from medical grade ABS plastic. The springs are stainless steel and should not rust or corrode.

The PelvicToner does not contain any latex.

Q:Who should NOT use the PelvicToner?

A:Do not use the PelvicToner if you are, or may be, pregnant or have just given birth. For most women this means waiting 8-12 weeks after birth, and until any episiotomy has healed, before commencing toning exercises.

Women who are postpartum, prone to genito-urinary tract infections or who have had prior genito-urinary tract surgery should consult their physician prior to using the product.

Q:Is stress incontinence a common problem?

A:You are not alone – over 200 million women suffer from incontinence world wide.

It is estimated that between 4 and 7 million women in the UK suffered incontinence in the past year.

Stress incontinence affects one in three new mums, which means that EACH WEEK 5,000 new mothers in the UK will develop stress incontinence!

Research shows that 38% ($4.5 million) of all menstrual pads sold are used to self treat incontinence – this only addresses the symptom, not the root cause of the problem, and also poses major environmental issues

At present there are over 150 operative procedures for stress incontinence and one of the most common is the insertion of a supportive tape (TVT Tension-free Vaginal Tape).

Most doctors agree that exercising the pelvic floor muscles is the best way to protect and treat yourself against these ailments. Whilst exercise may not provide a complete solution for all women it is certainly a good first step and one that you can maintain with very little effort or disturbance to your daily routine.

However, there may be other factors at work such as infection, inflammation, injury, abnormalities of internal pelvic organs, or emotional factors. It is important for women experiencing any of the symptoms described to check with their health care professional to determine the cause and proper treatment of the problem.

Q:What is stress incontinence?

A:In stress incontinence, urine leaks out occasionally when doing such things as coughing, sneezing, lifting, or exercising because the increase in pressure in the abdomen puts ‘stress’ on the bladder

Stress incontinence is usually caused by a lack of support for the bladder because the pelvic floor muscles have been stretched or weakened by childbirth. The situation is often made worse following the menopause because the lack of oestrogen causes the vaginal muscles to slacken and atrophy.

Being overweight or diabetic can also be contributory factors.

The symptoms can be cured completely in the vast majority of cases by keeping your pelvic floor muscles string and healthy with regular, effective exercise.

Q:Why is stress incontinence a problem that I should worry about?

A:All new mothers risk suffering from embarrassing leaks because of damage caused to the pelvic floor and vaginal canal during childbirth. Unless active steps are taken to strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth the problem can persist for your lifetime. Even those women that experience few symptoms in the early years will face major problems as the natural changes following menopause cause the vaginal muscles to atrophy and weaken.

Stress incontinence is most often caused by the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth but there are other contributory factors such as lack of exercise, obesity and even sexual activity. In recent surveys up to half of new mothers reported bladder control problems but to suffer the problem for any more than a few weeks is neither normal nor acceptable.

It is estimated that between 5 and 7 million women in the UK suffer with stress incontinence including a third of all new mothers and one in ten women in the workplace.

There is a considerable lack of awareness of the problem, its causes and its cure and there is strong evidence that women at large, and new mothers in particular, have been conditioned to ‘put up and shut up’.

Q:Is the PelvicToner clinically proven?

A:It is essential to meet very strict levels of proven clinical efficacy before a product can be put on the Drug Tariff and made available on prescription. The clinical trials of the PelvicToner were conducted by one of the most highly regarded research institutes in the UK to a protocol that met the most demanding standards of clinical research of this nature. The sample size was robust and very significant for a study of this kind, and much larger than many other comparative studies in this field.

The trial results published in the British Journal of Urology International established non-inferiority of the PelvicToner compared to a three month course of supervised pelvic floor muscle training – the only other course of treatment recommended under NICE Guidelines CG40.

Q:How does the PelvicToner help?

A:The PelvicToner was designed as a self help device for women of all ages to make the pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises developed and promoted by Arnold Kegel much more effective. It directly applies the key principles identified by Kegel:

  • it helps you confidently identify the correct muscles to squeeze
  • it provides a feedback to show that your exercises are being carried out correctly
  • it helps you easily monitor your rapid improvement
  • it provides a mild resistance for you to squeeze against to make your exercise more effective

Q:Is there a cure for stress incontinence?

A:It is well-documented, and has been for over 60 years, that simple, effective pelvic floor exercises can cure 85% of suitable cases of stress incontinence. For those extreme situations where exercise is not enough, there are some pharmaceutical treatments and over 150 surgical interventions.

In the UK the recommended treatment for many years has been a three month course of pelvic floor muscle training supervised by a trained specialist physiotherapist. Few women receive this because of a lack of resources.

Unfortunately, most women who pluck up courage to raise the issue are just given a leaflet. There are no clinical trials to show that giving people a leaflet helps them exercise! In fact, there is ample evidence that it fails most women. Clinical investigation shows that at least a third of women cannot identify their pelvic floor muscles and how to squeeze them. Those that do attempt the exercises get no feedback that theya re doing them correctly and most give up very quickly because of a lack of any improvement.

The PelvicToner is the only pelvic toning device available on GP prescription precisely because it addresses all of these failings.

Q:What is urge incontinence?

A:Urge incontinence means that a woman is unable to hold her urine when there is a strong need to urinate. Women that suffer from U.I. also tend to have more urinary tract infections and skin problems than other women.

The risk of U.I. is especially high during or after pregnancy, following childbirth , during and after menopause, in cases of obesity and cigarette smoking, following prostate enlargement and/or surgery, hysterectomy, radiation therapy to the pelvis; in cases of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, back injury, cerebral vascular accident and dementia.

Q:Can I return the PelvicToner for a refund if I don’t use them?

A:No, we are not able to accept returns on the vaginal exerciser product. For health and safety reasons, and also to comply with FDA regulations for vaginal inserts, vaginal exerciser that have been sold to a consumer cannot be restocked and are prohibited from resale.