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Buttock enlargement vacuum devices designed to increase the size and firmness of the butt. The use of butt enhancement pumps is a safe process. This product consists of two cups which cover each buttock and a manual pump which is connected to the cups by soft silicone tubing.

How Does It Work?

Based on the principle of “Tension Induced Tissue Growth” this system uses a specially “butt-contoured” vacuum cup and a hand pump to simply and effectively enlarge your buttocks.

The tubing is connected to the butt cup using the special airlock connector and then the cup is placed on the main part of the buttock. The hand or foot pump is pressed gently several times and a vacuum is formed causing the buttock to enlarge, firm up and fill the cup. Once the buttock is pumped up, the airlock is easily disconnected leaving the cup in place. The whole process takes seconds! Then the other cup is fitted to the other buttock and the same process followed. The cups can be left in place for as long as comfortable – this varies and some users wear the cups for between 10 – 45 minutes – but longer if desired. It is recommended to simply lay down on your bed during the whole process and you can do other things whilst the system is working!


After each session, you will notice a slight tingling and redness in the buttocks as the tissue, muscles and cellulite is reconditioned and redistributed. After several sessions of use, you should notice the buttocks becoming firmer and uplifted with a reduction in the cellulite!

Why it works:

When the body’s cells and tissues are ‘provoked’ with vacuum enhancing, it responds by causing new cells to be produced leading to newer, firmer tissue. The same principle is used with breast and penis enlargement systems as plastic surgeons use the same principle when producing new skin prior to body enhancement procedures. This is a long, tried and tested principle!

The Booty Beauty is a unique system which uses vacuum enhancement on the buttocks by placing the cup over the buttock area and gently pressing the pump function this creates a vacuum which causes blood to flow into the buttock and helps it to expand. The traction in the butt tissue, caused by the pump is what makes the buttock swell. This allows the gluteus maximus muscle to become larger ensuring that your buttocks remain firm.

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