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Breast Enlargement Pumps are devices that are designed to increase your breast size by 1-2 cup sizes with the usage of breast enhancement pumps being an entirely safe process. This product consisting of two domes which cover each breast and a manual pumping mechanism.

Breast enhancement pumps are a natural alternative to potentially ineffective pills and painful cosmetic surgery, which comes with possible complications, not to mention an expensive price tag. They work by encouraging blood flow to the breast area, which over time results in firmer and fuller breasts.

How Does It Work?

By placing the cup over the breast area and gently pressing the pump function, this creates a vacuum which causes blood to flow into the breast which helps it to expand. The traction in the breast tissue, caused by the pump is what makes the breasts swell. This allows the mammary glands to become larger ensuring that your breasts remain firm.

By creating a vacuum, the glands and tissue are exercised which improves blood supply, resulting in the growth of healthy breast tissue. Like any tissue in the body, when it is exercised and blood flow is encouraged, it will enlarge. When used daily over a period of time will result in a firmer, larger breast.


After each session, you may notice a slight tingling and redness in the breasts as the tissue is reconditioned and enlarged. After several sessions of use you should notice the breasts becoming firmer and larger.

Why it works:

When the body’s cells and tissues are ‘provoked’ with vacuum enhancing, it responds by causing new cells to be produced leading to newer, firmer tissue. The same principle is used with buttock and penis enlargement systems as plastic surgeons use the same principle when producing new skin prior to body enhancement procedures. This is a long, tried and tested principle!

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